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Participant Information

Sheena Roberts

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland & Labrador

Imagination. Ideas. Problem solving. These are the key elements to not only working successfully in the arts but also to living life positively with Parkinson's.

The creative process allows for self-expression and where in our day-to-day activities we might not want to reveal our inner frustrations, we can "act them out" in poetry, prose, painting, making music etc.

I can write my thoughts down as poems, I can sit at the piano and let my emotions tumble out from under my fingers.

Like the penguin whose ungainly movement on land is transformed into fluid motion in the water, where my mind goes there is no PD. I can be and do anything I set my mind to.

As a result, imagination and reality can overlap and when faced with an obstacle, I will usually problem solve until I have reached my goal, I live by the words of Michael J Fox: "It's not a tragedy, it's reality."

And reality is our perception of it. The creative process is life giving and energizing. Reaching beyond ourselves is the key, for in doing so, we keep pushing against the progressive limitations that having Parkinson's imposes on us.

Quite literally, we can become so absorbed in our creative activity that we can totally forget our condition. Artistic expression is my life and I plan to keeping teaching, writing and playing for as long as I am able to.

Sheena Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada