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Participant Information

Margit Pinter

Monroe Twp.

I was diagnosed with PD on January 24th, 2004, but I had symptoms 12-14 years before. Ten months later, on my yearly mammogram, breast cancer was shown.

I could not find any MD who would explain the prognosis in my case. So, I was by myself. One of the PD specialists said it was "bad luck."

But my treatments are over and I feel great as a breast cancer survivor. Every morning I walk more than 2 miles, because I did not want just to sit and wait in my reclining armchair.

The knitting, crocheting and embroidering calmed me down, and to create something new makes my mind "Positive Busy,"

With my "products" I surprised relatives, friends and neighbors. For example: I was crocheting a black hat for one of my girlfriends. By the time I was doing it, there was no pain at all in my left hand, and my fingers were very light.

I would say; "my fingers were flying easily just like the birds in the air." This kind of occupancy helps me a lot in my positive attitude as well. I highly recommend to everybody to start or continue this useful and pleasant method for your fulfilling life.