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Dr. Danny Newman

Kfar Saba

Me, My Parkinson and my Creativity

It's not as if I wasn't creative at all before Mr. Parkinson joined me. I wrote poetry (two published books and a third one up and coming), I was engaged in writing lyrics and performing, I even acted in small roles in some films and lazily exercised writing prose and plays -- all in addition to my main role, my vocation as a psychotherapist.

The thing that has changed since I have PD is my sense of time. I have always enjoyed excellent health and accepted it naturally as my legitimate right through to a ripe old age, which seemed to me somewhere near the twelfth of never -- which meant I had eons of time before me for creative purposes while busying myself with very important errands and chores. And there are always errands and chores.

Not anymore. Mr. P brought home to me, in his unique style, the perception that with all respect to my vitality, my zest for life, my powers and my prowess, I am just a human being with a time definition, and NOW is the time to put aside the mundane and to be creative, and sit down and write; and if you don't grasp it any other way then I'll cripple you so that you stop running around and you sit down and write.

So I sit and hammer away on my keyboard as never before in my life and I even enjoy it. The days seem much shorter than they used to be and the weeks fly by in a flash, as if time has accelerated, and I find a lot of comfort in creativity where Mr. P is a helper rather than a punisher.

Danny Newman PhD, Psychotherapist, PD patient; E-mail: