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Participant Information

Pam Michel

Flower Mound

I have been a musician for many years & although several of my family members have expressed their artistic talents in various areas of the visual arts, I never did so, myself.

After my diagnosis, I discovered mosaic art & was very drawn to it. I discovered that being a musician resulted in a unique perspective on how I visualize things. Just as music creates an auditory "picture" using rhythm, melody, timbre, & meter, mosaics create a visual picture utilizing order, texture, color and type of materials or tesserae.

The elements work together to create an overall effect or mood. Because of this connection I feel between these art forms and the passion I have for both, I began to call my mosaics, "Visual Music."

My work in music has mostly been in the church, so I found that I was drawn to Biblical & religious themes in my mosaic work as well. The particular piece I have submitted to the Congress is one of my earlier works, although I have only been doing mosaics for about 3 years.

It is my visual interpretation of the 23rd Psalm - a passage that so many people all over the world turn to in times of great difficulty or sorrow. The photo really does not do it justice, since the piece looks different under various lighting situations & from different angles.

In addition to the therapeutic value my mosaic art plays in my life, my artwork has been well received enough that I have just begun to concentrate on it as my primary business, which is called Mosaic Medleys. I am sometimes slow to complete my work, but I hope people think that it's worth the wait! More of my work can be seen on my website at