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Participant Information

Narinder Masson


Since every person is effected differently by Parkinson disease, there is no universal formula for the treatment of Parkinson's.

The first important factor is the knowledge, experience, attitude and observation of your doctor to determine medication, dosage and frequency, but this is not all.

Daily scheduled exercise, with positive attitude "I am getting better and better every day" and actually seeing yourself fully cured and doing things you did when you did not have this disease, no matter what stage of disease you are in.

But above all this when I am creating a painting, I am totally focused. Time, space and disease does not exist for me. I have no thoughts, no worries, no stress and no disease.

For those moments I am fully cured. When I come
back to reality I fully believe any condition can be improved by focusing on it and finding an innovative way to make it simpler and easier..

It is therefore I have chosen my doctor, Dr. S Fahn, as the subject of my painting who encourages me in all phases of Parkinson's.