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Participant Information

George Martz


The evolvement of my art took a major step forward in 1997 when I started my series of paintings "Birth of Clouds."

The new theme in my work was built more on imagination and yet the landscape connection remained constant with earlier work. Clouds were born with the paintbrush on large linen canvases as well as small panels of wood.

My paintings were being accepted in shows from New York to the west coast and they were also selling.

During the summer of 2000 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The tremor in my arm was probably more noticeable to me than others, but it was my confidence in painting that was shaken the most.

Almost two years passed with very little art being done. The painting "Warm Earth #24" was the start of my battle with this debilitating disease.

New technique turned out to be easier than anticipated. In reality loosening up my images was a very positive result. I applied the paint by putting globs in general areas with my right hand, and my left hand literally became the creative brush. The images were completely developed and blended with the fingers on my left hand.

As my confidence returned and my medications have been effective with my tremor, I have been painting as much as possible, and occasionally even small and very detailed!