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Participant Information

Helga Lukowsky


One or two years before knowing that I had Parkinson's disease I began painting pregnant women. I asked myself what was the deeper meaning of my paintings, what was I going to breed?

Then, also in 2002, I survived a heart attack. Heritage, I knew, it is in my family. In the meantime, I accepted my fate and my husband and I try to make the best of it.

This year we enjoyed a tandem tour of 50 kms per day. Next weekend we will be dancing by "Ball des Sports". We read and discuss so many things and we know that time is more precious than before.

I went on painting, painted about 40 of them and began another series, "Couples." When painting I am drawn off of life and I forget my pain. I like to see smiling faces. When somebody asks me "How are you?", my answer is, "Very good." My life as a PD patient is easier with that little lie and with art.