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Participant Information

Marian P. Licko


As a support advocate, most of what I do is to help encourage others with Parkinson's. I show them that there is life with PD and how I live it.

With my poetry I express my inner most feelings about what it is to live with PD. And from all the positive responses I have had I know my poems are reaching those struggling the same as I do every day.

Also, I believe my poems show the same struggles we all have. For many of us that feel we are the only ones that think and act a certain way, it is a reassurance that we are not alone.

As for myself, writing my poems has given we a great release of emotion and I feel that helps me to pass on a more positive attitude to those I am trying to help - and their caregivers, because most times we find it very hard to express our feelings to those closest to us.