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Participant Information

Howard J. Brady

New York

I was born in 1923 and raised during the depression in Brooklyn, NY. My professional career involved exposure to the metal industry by way of kitchen equipment production and it was this exposure that got me interested in working with metal and wood.

I have been working in these mediums for over 35 years. What began as a hobby became my primary interest. Most of my free time during my adult life has been devoted to creating sculpture.

I have gone through many periods of different style and design but all have utilized these two mediums. Having retired at 78 years of age my plan was to continue my art endeavors until I no longer had the strength. I was able to continue for a brief period, but found that I was getting weaker.

Finally in the Spring of 2004 I was diagnosed with Parkinsons, at the age of 81.

I haven't been able to continue creating due to the physical disabilites I now face. However, my love of art helps sustain me. Meditation has also become very important to me now because it provides me with a way to settle the anxiety and decreasing balance problems that have surfaced.