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Participant Information

Edward (Ed) Haskell


My first photos were taken July 2003 approximately 5 years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Those first photos were taken with a 2 mega pixel Fuji point and shoot digital camera, which I purchased to photograph our eldest grandson's high school graduation in June 2003.

My wife and I attempted the drive from Sacramento to the Puget Sound area in Washington State for the graduation. We drove about 250 miles when we turned around and returned home due to complications of Parkinson's.

One day in July 2003 I decided to try the camera out rather than leave it in the bedroom closet. Our front yard flower garden is quite lovely due to efforts of my dedicated caregiver and wonderful spouse, Yvonne. With the camera settings on automatic I started snapping photos of our front yard flowers.

The results were quite surprising. I became a front yard fixture with my wheelchair and camera. I'm sure the neighborhood thought Parkinson's had addled my brain.

By April 2004, I had posted over 200 photos online and purchased a 4 mega pixel Olympus digital camera. In addition, the Sacramento Valley Parkinson's Disease Association selected one of my first photos for auction in the 2004 'Silent Auction' fundraiser. I was quite surprised at the price it brought.

I am currently using an 8 mega pixel Olympus camera with three digital imaging programs. The new found hobby in digital photography has been one positive result of Parkinson's disease. Not only are the results rewarding but it has provided both mental and physical challenges to help combat Parkinson's.