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PDF Launches New Website for Creativity and Parkinson's

Creativity and Parkinson's, a website inspired by the recent exhibition at the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) held in February 2006, is now available for viewing at! The WPC exhibition combined a museum-quality show with daily "Meet the Artist" sessions and "Artists in Residence" presentations. Works of all types gave tangible evidence of many ways people with Parkinson's disease have successfully used creativity to improve their quality of life.

The new website features artwork that was displayed at the WPC, as well as many other submissions. Visitors can view the outstanding artwork in a virtual gallery, read about the artists and learn about the history of the Creativity and Parkinson's exhibit. The website's "Forum" page includes articles and posters on research and links to other sites that highlight research, upcoming programs and other relevant information. To request links to related sites or to list upcoming events highlighting creativity or quality of life, please email us at

We hope that the impact of the artwork and the artists' statements will fuel further study on the creative process and the therapeutic value of creativity.

Come visit ... and when you do, be sure to shop for t-shirts and 2007 calendars to help defray the costs of the PD Creativity project (they make great holiday gifts!). Prices are $12.00 for calendars and $12.50 for t-shirts (shipping and handling in the US is included). To place your order, visit or call PDF at (800) 457-6676.