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Book Review: A Prescription for Saving on Drugs

If you are having difficulty paying for your PD medications, consider making a small investment in "Drugs for Less: The Complete Guide to Free and Discounted Prescription Drugs"- it is very likely to pay off! In response to the queries of a growing number of his patients who could not afford their prescription drugs, Michael P. Cecil, M.D. (an Atlanta cardiologist), has written this resource-filled book on ways to offset the costs of medications. In 298 pages, he details seven strategies for lowering drug costs.

Among his suggestions are asking your doctor about other drugs in the same class of medications that might cost less, finding the best ways to substitute generic products for brand-name products and shopping around for the cheapest pharmacy. Dr. Cecil also addresses current topics of interest such as the pros and cons of buying drugs from other countries, the use of online pharmacies and how to shop for the best prices.

The book also serves as a resource manual, with numerous appendices and tables. Especially helpful is the list of phone numbers for pharmaceutical assistance programs run by the states - a total, readers may be surprised to learn, of 38 at the time of this writing! Information is also included on the patient assistance programs that are offered by drug companies, along with such patient-oriented discount programs as Together Rx and Rx Outreach. Dr. Cecil even includes an application form for the Rx Outreach program.

It seems that no stone has gone unturned in the preparation of this handy resource book. "Drugs for Less" costs $13.95, plus shipping and handling. To order a copy, visit or call the publisher at (800) 528-2550.