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PDF Unveils New Line of Publications

Perhaps you have noticed a "new look" at PDF - a redesigned logo and color scheme, a fresh newsletter design, a re-vamped website. While we are excited about these changes, PDF's commitment to the Parkinson's community remains the same - providing easily accessible, quality information to people living with Parkinson's disease. We demonstrate this commitment to you, the people we serve, by developing publications and other educational items that are designed to keep you up to date on the medications, resources, advocacy opportunities and other developments in Parkinson's.

The first phase of this initiative features three new publications: Web Resources for People with Parkinson's; Parkinson's Advocacy: The Keys to Empowerment; and Parkinson's Disease Q&A: A Guide for Patients. Below is a description of each publication. We hope these materials will help you better understand Parkinson's disease and become more connected to the community. To obtain your copies and to view the many other valuable resources that PDF offers, visit and fill out the publications order form (all print materials are free of charge) or call PDF at (800) 457-6676.

Web Resources for People with Parkinson's
As the Internet becomes an increasingly popular source of information, the Parkinson's community continues to carve out a substantial corner of the web, packed with material available at the click of a mouse. PDF has reviewed websites related to the Parkinson's community, medical information and other helpful sites to bring you a list of web resources for people living with Parkinson's disease. Whether you need to locate a neurologist, to update yourself on research, to read about current clinical trials or to meet new friends, Web Resources for People with Parkinson's is the perfect tool to help you navigate the wealth of information available on the Internet for Parkinson's patients, families and caregivers.

The four main categories of websites included are:

  • Parkinson's community
  • Treatment information
  • Support services
  • Caregiver information

Since new sites are being added and existing ones are constantly updated, this booklet is inevitably less than comprehensive. If you currently use a website that you find particularly helpful or interesting, please contact us by email at or by telephone at (800) 457-6676. We welcome your suggestions and hope to use them in future editions of this publication.

Parkinson's Advocacy: The Keys to Empowerment
The Parkinson's community is fortunate to include many people who have embraced their personal potential by becoming one of its advocates. Advocates are key players in ensuring that Parkinson's becomes and remains a priority issue that gains attention and funds from the general public and government. Parkinson's Advocacy: The Keys to Empowerment suggests several ways in which people with Parkinson's, their families and caregivers can become effective advocates on their own behalf. These ways include speaking out about what it means to have Parkinson's, organizing events to spread the word and build support, helping to raise money for research, education and services, getting involved with public policy…and more!

This brochure also includes helpful resources to establish a network of contacts in the PD community. Request your copy to learn about how you can become an advocate and help to secure funding and attention in the fight to find a cure for Parkinson's disease!

Parkinson's Disease Q&A: A Guide for Patients
Peruse and ponder answers to the 40 most frequently-asked questions about Parkinson's disease in this information-packed pamphlet, which is written and edited by movement disorder specialists at Columbia University Medical Center. This publication addresses issues of concern for people with Parkinson's disease, family members and caregivers, ranging from practical answers to narrow questions, to issues that have larger implications, such as ongoing scientific research.

The booklet is divided into five sections for easy referencing:

  • Understanding Parkinson's disease
  • Treating Parkinson's disease
  • Common problems in PD
  • Daily living with Parkinson's disease
  • Parkinson's disease research - the future

This publication will continue to evolve as scientific developments allow us to understand more about the disease and to produce better treatments. We welcome any input or questions you may have for future editions!

We hope that you will use these publications to become a better-connected, more informed member of the PD community. Keep an eye out for the next phase in our educational materials initiative that will include a first-ever video and booklet package designed for the newly diagnosed patient. We look forward to continuing to bring you materials that can help you live the best possible life.