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Dedicated to PD - A Special Tribute to A Remarkable Lady

It is my distinct pleasure to honor at this time a woman who has spent the past 35 years working to improve the lives of Parkinson's disease patients, in this country and abroad - Judy Rosner.

The story begins in 1968, when Ms. Rosner was hired to publicize the first (anywhere!) patient education symposium on Parkinson's Disease. Its purpose: to launch the drive announce the initiation of clinical trials for levodopa. Impressed by her successful management of the event, leaders of the United Parkinson's Foundation (UPF) in Chicago asked her to take the reins of the organization and shortly afterwards, appointed her executive director. Over the following 32 years, in collaboration with UPF president and Medical Advisory Board chairman, Dr. Harold L. Klawans, Judy ably developed a wide-range of educational materials for the Parkinson's and medical communities and oversaw an annual grants program to support Parkinson's research. Her patient orientated materials gained the respect of internationally-renowned scientists; Professor Oleh Hornykiewicz; a pioneer of levodopa, was one of many fans who valued the coverage of ongoing research reports from around the world found in the UPF newsletter. She continued in that position until UPF merged with PDF in 1999. Since that time she has concentrated on writing about developments in research into the causes of PD.

As I have told her often over the years: "I could never have done my job as thoroughly without her guidance and support, and that thin, size 8 shoe kicking me in the rear every once in a while to keep me on track." I am proud to call her my mentor Ö and my Mother.

Jeanne Rosner