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Education Case Study

The World Parkinson Congress

In 2004, PDF took the lead in creating an independent, nonprofit organization, the World Parkinson Coalition Inc.  This organization has now staged three World Parkinson Congresses (WPC). The first took place in Washington, DC in 2006, the second in Glasgow, Scotland in 2010 and the third in Montreal, Canada in 2013.

The WPC represents true collaboration between all of the stakeholders in the Parkinson’s community.  The 3rd WPC won the support of more than 144 organizational partners from 66 countries. It also drew more than 3,300 participants, of which:

  • 25 percent were people with Parkinson's.
  • 15 percent were family members and care partners.
  • 40 percent were neuroscientists, clinicians, researchers and rehabilitation specialists, and
  • 11 percent were representatives of Parkinson's organizations, media and guests

A distinctive aspect of the Congress was its comprehensive scope, combining issues of medical and scientific research with education and training, care initiatives and quality of life issues.

PDF's Support

PDF’s leadership role included volunteering seed funding and providing space in our New York headquarters to host the project’s professional staff and volunteer committees. Dr. Stanley Fahn, PDF’s Scientific Director, served as Chair of the WPC, and several members of our Board and professional staff served on key Congress committees.

PDF is also proud to sponsor a unique segment of the WPC called the Creativity and Parkinson’s art exhibit.  The first exhibit in 2006 showcased the creative and artistic works of people with Parkinson’s, while the display at the 2nd WPC showcased the first Parkinson's Quilt.

At the 3rd WPC, the US contingent included more than 50 PDF Research Advocates. During their time at the WPC, members of this group spent time reporting on happenings for those unable to attend.  

The next WPC is scheduled for September 2016 in Portland, OR.

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