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Photo Campaign FAQ & Terms

PDF’s 2013 Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's Campaign invites people touched by Parkinson's disease to share their experiences with the community and general public.


How to Enter

Q: How can I submit my photo to the Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's Photo Campaign?

Visit PDF's website at and download PDF's handheld sign. Fill in the blank with what matters most to you about the fight about Parkinson's, and then submit your photo.

We are using Facebook(C) and email to conduct this campaign.

  • Via Email – If you choose not to use Facebook to submit your image, you may complete our online registration form and email your photo to the with subject line 2013 Make a Difference Photo Campaign. Photos emailed from an email address different than the one used on our online submission form cannot be attributed to the photographer properly, and therefore will not be considered eligible for the campaign. PDF reserves the right to upload photos submitted through this process to its public page on Facebook.  Please clearly label all photos and read below for information about including a description.
  • Via Facebook – Please consider using this method to enter the campaign. To submit your photos via Facebook, login to If you do not have an account, you can sign-up for free at  After logging in, upload your photo.  If you are not already a member of PDF’s page, visit and join by clicking "Like."
  • Browse to the image you wish to submit for the Campaign, and click "Tag Photo" to add your images to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation page.  Type in "Parkinson's Disease Foundation." If you choose this option, you must still complete our online form to let us know that have submitted a photo.
  • If you have trouble using Facebook, please consult their online help files. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation is not responsible for any issues or problems you encounter while trying to upload a photo on Facebook.
  • All photos must have a summary - please see details below.

If you do not complete all of these steps, then your photo will not be eligible for consideration in the campaign.


Rules & Regulations

Q: Who is eligible to participate in Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's Campaign?

Anyone who has been touched by Parkinson’s and has a message to spread is welcome to express his or her creativity by submitting a photo to this campaign.

Q: What types of photos will be accepted?

  • The theme of all photographs will be Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's.
  • Participants can submit a maximum of one photograph per person.
  • Each person may fill in PDF's handheld sign with a message about Parkinson's disease- why or how it's important to make a difference in the fight. Photo captions/summaries must accompany all submissions, and should include the subject of the image, the location the image was taken and a description of the photo (maximum 100 words), including a concept or details that will be helpful to the public in understanding your concept, Parkinson’s and the theme of the campaign. Captions should include some use of the words (via sign, logos), "I am making a difference in the fight against Parkinson's by [insert action item]" and/or "How will you make a difference?"
  • Entrants must not infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person. 

Q: What is an example of a Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's photo?

A few of our volunteers will be submitting photos online soon. We will post them so that you can browse their samples.  Here are some ideas for brainstorming ideas for your photo:

  • First answer these questions: Why do you make a difference in the fight against Parkinson's - because of a loved one or your own diagnosis? What are you doing this April to raise awareness of Parkinson's? Are you spreading the word by hanging a poster in your community center or writing a letter to the editor? Are you supporting the cure by fundraising for PDF? Whichever activity you choose, your activity demonstrates that the individual can make an impact in fighting Parkinson's. Spread this message and invite others to join you.
  • Once you have this answer, think about your photo. Can family members or support group members help?
  • If you include anyone else in your photo, be certain that you have their permission to submit and publicly display the photo.

Q: What type of photographs will not be accepted?

Photographs considered by PDF staff and volunteers to be excessively controversial, profane or violent will not be accepted or published.  Images and summaries that include references to specific medications will not be accepted.

Photographs must be your own and must not have been published anywhere or sold to a third party, used for any commercial purpose or won in any previous competition.  Previously published photos for which non-exclusive rights were granted may be entered as long as you still maintain the right to grant us a license (see "Your Rights & Privacy" below). You must be able to disclose when and where the photo appeared previously to PDF upon request.

Q: Are there technical guidelines?

  • All graphs submitted may be of size 5″ x 7″ or 4″x 6″.
  • Acceptable photo formats are TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP.
  • PDF recommends that entries have a resolution of 6 million pixels or greater (6 megapixels). 

Q: How can I ensure the quality of my photos?

This campaign encourages community members to utilize the tools they have in their homes, including low-cost cameras.  Here are some tips from PDF:

  • Brainstorm ideas for your photo shoot in advance so you have an idea prepared, but also try different things throughout the shoot.
  • Photos with natural light are best. Try taking photos outside, near a window or in a well-lit area.Try shooting your photo from different angles.
  • Pay attention to the background of your photo subject. Ensure that if you are photographing a person, the background is non-distracting.

Q: What is the deadline to submit photos to Make a Difference?

Online entries can be uploaded starting 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, March 30, 2013. We will close the campaign for submitting entries on 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, April 30.  PDF reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control.

Use of Photos

Q: Where will my photo be displayed? What happens to the photos after the campaign?

All appropriate photos will be accepted and displayed on Facebook.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of the effects of Parkinson’s among the general public.  To promote the photos and campaign to the general public, PDF also reserves the right to display select photos on our website, in our email communications, on print publications and via social media tools.  

We may choose one image or several to be printed in the 2013 PDF Creativity and Parkinson’s calendar (see in which case photographers will be notified.  Select photos may also be displayed at PDF events.

During the month of April, Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2013, PDF will highlight weekly a photo via our website and email communications.  These photos will be chosen by a committee of PDF staff and volunteers.  You will be notified if your photo is selected.

After April, PDF reserves the right to use the photos in its materials for the “PDF 2013 Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's Campaign.”  Photos may be used globally in awareness month materials, in PDF’s newsletter and future editions of the Parkinson’s Awareness Month Toolkit.  If you have questions about the use of your photos in the Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson’s campaign, please see the sections on “Your Rights & Privacy” as well as “Legal Issues” or contact us with your questions at


Your Rights & Privacy 

Q: Who has rights to my photographs and how will they be used?

Your photographs will help to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease and its effects on individuals and families living with it. Thank you for helping to further PDF’s mission through your photography.

You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit – including ownership if applicable. If your image is selected to be featured on other materials, you grant PDF a nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to:

  • Publish the images for PDF’s purposes in any format, including on PDF’s website and in PDF’s publications or presentations, such as newsletters, brochures, fundraising appeals, public service announcements, grant proposals, reports, awards, thank-you cards, displays, mailings and invitations.
  • Provide images to other organizations for non-profit, PDF-related use in news stories, newsletters, reports, slide shows, displays, web pages, and the like.
  • Use, in connection with the PDF Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson's Campaign, your first name, city, state and country of residence, in promotions and other publications.
  • Keep the files provided, and to archive the images on CD or in other electronic forms, so that your photos can be used to support our mission and be properly credited.

As conditions of this permission, PDF shall credit all photographs with the caption "© 2013 Person's Name" when the full name is available, or by the participants Facebook username. PDF has final approval of any language that appears on its website with any of the photos and will not promote or endorse third-party products or services.

You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit — including ownership if applicable — other than those rights licensed in the next sentence. By entering the campaign, you hereby grant to PDF (i) a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform the photographs you submit to PDF, and (ii) the right to use your name, city, state and country of residence in promotions and other publications.

Q: Should I be concerned about privacy?

Yes. PDF is dedicated to using online tools to show your creativity to the world and in doing so, raise awareness of the realities of Parkinson’s.  However, we urge all community members to exercise caution when submitting information online about their personal health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease. 

If you have Parkinson’s, by revealing your condition online, you are making this information public and searchable through the Internet.  If you have not done this publicly before, we urge you to consider the impact of this action before submitting photos.  If you have a loved one affected by Parkinson’s, please do not reveal their name and/or relationship to you unless they have given you permission to do so. Many people choose to describe a “loved one” with Parkinson’s, but not reveal their relationship.  If you decide to participate, your voice will be a powerful force in raising awareness – but we urge you to do so with all the facts at hand about the Internet.


Legal Conditions

By entering this campaign, you agree to certain legal conditions. Click here to read the legal conditions.


Questions and inquiries about campaign rules can be emailed to, with subject line “2013Photo Campaign.”