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Percent of dollars spent on our mission

PDF is committed to using your funds efficiently to support our mission. To see how your funds are spent, visit our financial information page.

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For most of us, our estate provides the best opportunity to make a major gift to the cause or causes we believe in. At PDF, more than half of the money we give to Parkinson's research every year comes through bequests.

We strongly encourage our regular donors to include a provision for PDF in their wills and to give us the privilege of naming them, along with others who have so informed us, in our James Parkinson Legacy Society.

If you wish to include such a bequest in your estate plans, the language we suggest is as follows:

"I give and bequeath to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation at 1359 Broadway, Suite 1509, New York NY 10018, for the support of research on Parkinson's disease, either (i) the following percentage of my residuary estate ____ or (ii) the amount of ____ thousand dollars or iii) the following item of specific property (e.g. securities, real estate etc).

For more information, contact:
Yasnahia Cortorreal, Vice President, Administration
(800) 457-6676 or (212) 923-4700

Thank you for your generosity.