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PDF is committed to using your funds efficiently to support our mission. To see how funds are spent, browse our financial information.

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Advocacy Case Study

Research Advocacy

PDF is proud to collaborate with more than 230 people with Parkinson's and care partners who serve as our Research Advocates. PDF Research Advocates are working on the front lines with professionals to change research and bring about better treatments a faster pace.

Among their activities, they are:

  • speeding drug development
  • increasing trial participation, and
  • informing the Parkinson's community

All PDF Research Advocates have completed one of PDF's three-day Learning Institutes, during which they complete rigorous sessions on the science of Parkinson’s and the process that brings new treatments to market.  Sessions are led by experts from institutions such as the National Institutes of Health.

Launched in 2008, the program was founded on the belief that creating a place at the table for people with Parkinson’s disease to share their viewpoints and experience is critical to moving the development of treatments for PD forward — yet it is all too often overlooked.

As PDF Executive Director Robin Elliott said of this ultimate collaboration, "At PDF, we believe that when members of the Parkinson’s community are equal stakeholders – alongside research professionals, government agencies and private industry – their presence will improve clinical studies."  

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