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See Cover Image of 2015 Creativity & Parkinsonís Calendar

Thank you for voting for the cover image of the 2015 Creativity & Parkinson’s calendar. The community has chosen "Lake Jenny," a photograph by Marcia Smith of Dauphin Island, AL, who said of her artwork: 

"I am so honored to be in the top five contenders for this wonderful project. I have lived with the disease about 20 years, and while it has closed some doors, it has opened others that have given me passions I did not know existed. After my diagnosis, I was ‘dared’ into trying a paint-by-number and I decided to prove I could do it. After a few weeks, I realized I was able to paint. I have since made about 70 paintings and developed a passion for photography, which goes hand in hand with the painting. I take a photo and then paint what I see.” ~Ms. Smith

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Creativity and Parkinson's contest #2     


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