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Parkinson's Community Choice Research award


Community Choice: FAQ

What is the PDF Community Choice Research Award?
The PDF Community Choice Research Award is a scientific grant developed by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), as part of $5 million in grants we fund annually to reveal causes, advance therapies and end Parkinson’s disease. This grant supports research ideas that come from people who are touched by Parkinson’s disease. It is the first to be driven entirely by the Parkinson’s disease community.

What Type of Research Will the Second Annual PDF Community Choice Research Awards Fund?
It will fund two research question(s) posed by community member(s) who respond to our survey, which is open from Tuesday, March 31 until Thursday, April 30.

Who Can Submit Research Questions?
People with Parkinson’s and care partners are invited to participate by taking our online survey here. While we value feedback from other individuals, and our scientific team is happy to review their insights, only research questions from people with Parkinson's and care partners will be eligible for the final two Awards.

Who Receives the Grant?
Later this year, PDF will fund leading scientists to research two of the question(s) posed by the community. The scientific team will be chosen by a committee that includes PDF’s scientific advisory board members, Research Advocates and the individual(s) who submitted the question(s). To see what type of research questions are trending, view real-time results on our website at

What Types of Questions Can I Submit?
In our survey, we ask six main questions to help identify your priorities for Parkinson's disease research.  These include questions about your priorities for Parkinson's disease research as it relates to:

  • Symptoms of PD
  • Day-to-Day Management of PD
  • Treatment of PD
  • Other Unaddressed Issues in PD

To develop your submission, ask: if scientists could answer one question about Parkinson’s disease, what would it be? Then use the areas above as a guide to develop your answers. For some, their answer about treatment for Parkinson’s might be a question about the effectiveness of an exercise program (Does yoga ease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?). For others, their answer about unaddressed issues might involve a question about a certain symptom, or a biological or genetic cause of Parkinson’s (Does [insert your priority] lead to a greater risk of Parkinson’s?) 

To choose your questions, we recommend browsing real 2013 questions here, submitted by PDF Research Advocates.

How Can I Submit My Research Priority?
Questions must be submitted between Tuesday, March 31 and 5:00 PM ET on Thursday, April 30 in one of the two ways:

  • Online: visit our survey here to submit your priority research question.
  • Phone: if you do not have access to a computer we will accept submissions via phone at (800) 457-6676 between the hours of 9:00 AM ET and 5:00 PM ET.

How Many Questions Can I Submit?
Each person with Parkinson’s and care partner can submit only one question. We invite you to share the online survey with others in the PD community.  

What Happens if My Question is Chosen?
If your question is chosen, you will be asked to be part of the advisory committee that chooses scientists to discuss your question.