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Community Choice Research Award

Who Has the Next Big Idea for Research to #EndParkinsons? You Do.

Voting for the Third Community Choice Research Awards has now closed. Thank you for making your voices heard. Hear from voters below.

The PDF Community Choice Research Awards are the first grant awards in the Parkinson’s community to set research priorities based on the insights of those living with the disease. Through these awards, PDF asks people with Parkinson’s and care partners about their priorities for research in an online vote. Responses are reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board.

To date, the awards have helped PDF to identify four unmet needs in Parkinson’s disease — fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction, cognition and dystonia — that are troublesome for many people with Parkinson’s, but receive limited attention and research funding. In response, PDF has invested $600,000 to understand and solve those needs.

Which topics will we fund next? The votes cast in fall 2016 will help us decide.

Not only that, if the topic you voted for is selected, you may be invited to a PDF expert roundtable to join researchers in helping to find solutions.

Learn More:

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PDF thanks its People with Parkinson's Advisory Council and the ProjectSpark Foundation for their support and partnership on this initiative.