Mobilizing Collaboration Toward a Cure

As part of our strategy to end Parkinson’s disease, PDF is not only developing leaders; we are also mobilizing them to work toward the cure — together.

Collaboration is a key to finding a cure. After all, science and care are team efforts. PDF has invested close to $50 million in collaborations since 1957, largely toward teams at PD research centers. Today, we are expanding the opportunities for research, health care and patient leaders to work together.

What We're Doing

  • We're funding interdisciplinary teams. For example, at Columbia University Medical Center, where PDF has long funded teams within the field of PD, we are funding teamwork between PD specialists and bioengineers, who are experimenting with ways to design shoe insoles to ease freezing of gait. And at our Research Center at Rush University Medical Center, we are funding an interdisciplinary project that may one day help doctors to predict who will get PD as part of routine colonoscopies.
  • PDF is investing in research teams that incorporate insights from people with Parkinson’s through our PAIR Leadership Awards and our Community Choice Research Awards. For the latter, we invite the patient community to identify research priorities and then we engage teams of researchers, health professionals, patients and outside experts (e.g., gastroenterologists and psychiatrists) who can help to address them.
  • We are sharing PD science with the entire team. We do this online, in print and most recently, through a partnership with Nature Publishing Group, the world’s leading publisher of scientific journals. The journal, npj Parkinson’s Disease, is freely available to all with the click of a button.