Advancing Parkinson’s Treatments Grants

PDF’s Advancing Parkinson’s Treatments (APT) Grants fund innovative programs to facilitate the movement of treatments from “bench to bedside.”

The program is built on the belief that all too often, for a variety of reasons, potential treatments get “stuck” in the research pipeline. APT aims to remove barriers that might prevent treatments from reaching people with Parkinson’s.

Conference Award

PDF's Conference Award aims to advance Parkinson's therapies by supporting a gathering of experts to address emerging clinical or basic science questions about Parkinson’s.

PDF supports conferences and meetings seeking to:

  • identify or define emerging research questions;
  • plan or organize a clinical trial;
  • standardize research methods.

In past years, sponsored meetings have covered topics such as physical therapy and Parkinson's, impulse control disorders, and ways to engage community physicians in clinical research.  Other potential topics are wide-ranging but examples include the importance of synaptic pathology in Parkinson's gene therapy and selecting standard measures of cognitive function for Parkinson's clinical trials.

Innovations Award: Parkinson Study Group

The Parkinson Study Group, a nonprofit, cooperative group of Parkinson’s disease experts from medical centers in the US and Canada who coordinate clinical trials, is a recent grant recipient.

The PDF-APT grant to the Parkinson’s Study Group (PSG) has been used to fund the Parkinson’s Study Group since 2004. PSG has used the funding to advance clinical research in several ways.

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PAIR Leadership Award

The PAIR Leadership Award fosters patient engagement in Parkinson’s research.

The award supports scientists in their efforts to engage patient advocates in a variety of capacities, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying research priorities of the Parkinson’s community;
  • Reviewing and commenting on specific study design and protocols;
  • Developing study recruitment and retention plans; and
  • Serving as co-investigators on specific clinical studies.

*This award specifically supports scientists with a strategy to engage trained PDF Research Advocates.